The Student Initiative Fund is a program run by the MHS to help Humanities students get involved in their communities and grow as individuals. Its goal is to ensure that Humanities students interested in pursuing self-growth opportunities are able to overcome any financial barriers present by funding them with up to $275. Please email for more info!



Extracurricular opportunities often cost money. We believe that money should not stand as a barrier to useful extracurricular opportunities. With the Student Initiative Fund, we can help mitigate the costs associated with extracurricular opportunities. Follow these easy tips to make sure you’re good to go with your application.

  1. The Student Initiative Fund applies only to individual members of the McMaster Humanities Society.

  2. You cannot request an amount larger than $275 from the Student Initiative Fund.

  3. The Student Initiative Fund does not cover tuition, co­-op, practicum fees, or preparatory courses.

  4. Supporting documentation for each component of your funding request must be submitted with your application. Applications without such documentation will not be reviewed.

  5. Lastly, submit your application by email to