Vice President Academic By-Election

The Vice-President of Academics advocates student issues with the faculty and the MSU. The Vice-President of Academics also attends meetings with the Academic Affairs Council and is their main connection to the society, as well as oversees the operations of the Humanities Mentorship Initiative (HMI).

First Year Representative Election

The First Year Representative of the MHS is responsible for being a liaison between the MHS executive and the students in their academic level. Their primary duty is to reach out to their peers to discover their unique needs and desires, and relay that information to the core executive. They will be able to voice these opinions and concerns to the executive on behalf of their academic cohort, and thereby influence the society’s operations to better meet their needs. In order to ensure that incoming first year students have a say in the MHS, each of the two First Year Representatives will have voting power on all society decisions.


Presidential By-Election

The President oversees the overall workings within the McMaster Humanities Society (MHS). They will act as the Chief Executive Officer and will ultimately be the main spokesperson and face of the MHS. Some duties include but are not limited to: participating in MHS Executive and MHS committee meetings (such as Administrative and Academic committee meetings) as well as MSU Presidents Council meetings. The President will act as a liaison between the Humanities student body and the Faculty administration.

First Year Representative Election